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A Myriad of Colours and Culture: A Photo Essay

On the coromandel coast of Tamilnadu, nestled on the banks of the second largest lagoon in India, lies a town brimming with tantalizing tales and forgotten fables. Pazhaverkadu, the town is called, the name derived from ‘Pazhamaiyana verugal konda kadu’ which...

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Huff! It’s getting hotter. We’re tempted to crank up the AC’s and welcome summer with a cold shoulder as the calendar reaches May, but begrudgingly we hold out; for emissions are choking the planet and we need to watch our carbon footprints. Mukund...

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Cities For People,by Jan Gehl

CITIES FOR PEOPLE, by JAN GEHL The most famous and successful town planning has been the transformation of Copenhagen. Jan Gehl, a Danish Architect has influenced the street culture and sustainable development of many cities. He transformed a car-dominated city to a...

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This sequel to Dutch tales and the archaeology discovery of south India portrays myriad shades of religious and cultural practices of the community influenced by three religion that tags the settlement of 15th-century regime in Pazhaverkad. In the previous article, we...

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The Propagangsters

You’ve heard it time and again, pummeled with ‘facts’ and opinions from all sides until you’ve almost become desensitized: which news source can you actually trust?   Manipulating the news is no new trade by those with power; it’s...

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