Huff! It’s getting hotter. We’re tempted to crank up the AC’s and welcome summer with a cold shoulder as the calendar reaches May, but begrudgingly we hold out; for emissions are choking the planet and we need to watch our carbon footprints.

Mukund Rajan, who chairs the Tata Global Sustainability Council, feels corporate India needs to start caring more about climate change. Bringing us to the crux of this week’s mindvoice – the apparent apathy displayed by some organizations when it comes to their impact on the world and its climate.

Global warming is a real and palpable phenomenon that’s been brought up almost to the point of saturation; and yet, not spoken about enough. Because while ordinary consumers arguably have some knowledge about the direct impact of their actions – they are not always aware of the indirect consequences of their consuming behavior patterns and choices of products. Some brand organizations do the most harm to the environment, furthering global warming all the while keeping up appearances of being environmentally friendly and even going to the extent of promoting denial of climate change facts – several large corporations within the fossil fuel industry provide significant funding for attempts to mislead the public about the trustworthiness of climate science. Private sector lobbying against facts/reports about their impact on the climate is the issue of the hour – and a worrying one at that.

At the end of the day what can we, as ordinary citizens, do? We can vote – with our rupee notes. Keep an eye out for organizations that discreetly or not-so-discreetly trash the environment with no regard for the devastating consequences of their operations, and refuse to buy from them. It’s not as easy as it sounds and we do not mean to come off as preachy, because we understand that these institutions are sometimes behemoths whose influence pervades a number of products and services in use in our day-to-day lives. But hey, we’d like to do without an AC someday, so we’ve certainly got to try!


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