“To our cherished readers,

Time has been kind to us. We’d like to thank you all – our beloved readers, patrons, and cursory visitors – for your backing. Judging by the 50,000 loyal followers we’ve accumulated, I think it’s safe to say the small four desk office that started a year ago has managed to carve a niche for itself amongst India’s architects and extended members of the design fraternity. We, at VOWELS, would like to celebrate, for we have not only lasted a year but triumphed (in our own conditions) with our first printed issue – a compilation of our most popular publications so far.”

Foraging for a year’s work? Don’t. The excerpt above is a little something I hope to post a year from now, glowing with pride.

If all our teasers up till now have found their way to your attention, welcome! If you’re still in the dark regarding what we’re about, fear not! The show is about to begin.
Knowledge is distilled information: one’s analysis and comprehension of the raw material. As droplets in a vast ocean of worldly wisdom, we’d like to do our part by devoting our Tuesdays to the noble pursuits of perceiving, discovering, and learning. The second day of every week will feature articles on various research topics that constitute, as well as the ally with architecture and design.

If you’d fancy a quick fact list of imperative structures and their creators, or perhaps about new building material that could change the face of modern construction, or even a take on the latest urban development policies by governing authorities [for better or for worse], here’s where we’ve gathered your weekly dose of insight.  

We do not intend for our posts to be a one-way conduit of knowledge. We aspire to create a platform to share wisdom in an uncomplicated and concise manner, and we’d like to know what your views on the topics are, too! Every article aims at beginning a conversation, and VOWELS would like to establish the forum for this discussion every Sunday as well! [More to be revealed about that last bit later ?]

Same time next week: ‘Success’ – What does this elusive concept mean to Architects?


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